Create environments full of energy and vitality

Pure Air, clean of polluting particles and gases, contributes to higher performance and increased productivity* increased performance and increased productivity* At work, oxygenating the creative minds of your collaborators, as well as their health and well-being, helps us avoid illnesses and feel better, contributing to improving the company’s human value.

(*) This is indicated by the Report carried out in 2011 by the American National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research), which shows that “a reduction in ozone concentration by 10 ppb increases labor productivity by 4.2 %”.

· It improves productivity.
· Reduces the work absenteeism.
· Get ​​more attractive workplace and healthy, to do business and to rent.
· Healthier workers, reducing headaches and improving concentration.
· Decreased risk of disease respiratory and cardiovascular.

APPLICATIONS: office buildings, offices, conference and meeting rooms, common areas, data centers, etc.