Our passion is to create pure air and improve the quality of lifefrom schools to offices, industries or public spaces such as shopping centers, cinemas, parking lots, swimming pools and, of course, homes.
Zonair3DTM has designed a a customized product for any need.
Pure air Pure Air free of polluting, irritating, carcinogenic and toxic particles and gases, it has multiple benefits for health. By isolating ourselves from potentially allergenic substances, it improves the symptoms of patients with respiratory and allergenic problems. 


When health is what matters most, protecting patients is fundamental.

Zonair3DTM purifies the air, from doctor’s waiting rooms to operating theatres, because prevention in these spaces is becoming increasingly more necessary.
Air pollution has been recognized as a major health problem affecting everyone, but primarily the elderly and the children. Moreover, direct associations have been found between pollution and respiratory symptoms, asthma exacerbations, lung growth, and the development of asthma.
A preventive treatment can reduceto some extent, the disease development lung infections, etc. and contribute, on the contrary, to a greater well-being, quality of life and even to a greater longevity of our elders.
Applications: hospitals, laboratories, clinics, clean rooms, convalescent centers, allergies-asthma, MCS, pulmonology, outpatient clinics, consultations, ICUs, treatment rooms, etc.
· Improves symptoms of patients with allergic and respiratory problems.
· Reduces any risk of bacteriological and infectious process.
· Maximum control against bacteria, particles and gases. 

Protect children from environmental impact

At Zonair3D,TM we believe that the health of the little ones measures the health of our society. If we get a single child to improve their quality of life, the more than 10 years of research and work dedicated to creating Zonair3D will have been worth it.TM.
A study published in 2016 in Neuroimage states that cognitive development and the process of brain maturity is closely linked to the air we breathe. They are the most vulnerable.
The removal of up to 99.995% of PM≥0.2 μm particles provides spaces free of bacteriological and allergenic agents.  
The less exposure to pollution, the less damage, .
Obtaining a space free of bacteriological and allergenic agents by establishing the proper air flow.
direct relationship with the improvement of the school results.
· It prevents illnesses respiratory infections in children, avoiding their transmission by air.
· Absenteeism reduction school for health reasons.
· Contribution to correct physical and cognitive development of the kids.
Applications: kindergartens, schools, libraries, study rooms, auditoriums, research centers, etc. 



Create environments full of energy and vitality

A Pure Air, clean of polluting particles and gases, contributes to higher performance and increased productivity* increased performance and increased productivity* At work, oxygenating the creative minds of your collaborators, as well as their health and well-being, helps us avoid illnesses and feel better, contributing to improving the company's human value.
(*) This is indicated by the Report carried out in 2011 by the American National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER, National Bureau of Economic Research), which shows that "a reduction in ozone concentration by 10 ppb increases labor productivity by 4.2 %”.
· It improves productivity.
· Reduces the work absenteeism.
· Get ​​a more attractive workplace and healthy, to do business and to rent.
· Healthier workers, reducing headaches and improving concentration.
· Decreased risk of disease respiratory and cardiovascular.
Applications: office buildings, offices, conference and meeting rooms, common areas, data centers, etc.

Pure air... and stay at 100%

Pure air is basic element para la for the production of energy. During the physical exercise,breathing is essential because we need to inhale more air than usual and, if this air is pure, performancelevels are multiplied and and the recovery accelerates to continue evolving and improving day by day, as an elite athlete.
It offers a healthier and safer environment to exercise.
Join the elite athletes who have already discovered the benefits of fresh air with impressive results.
Studies carried out with athletes inside Zonair3D Bubble Pure AirTM show:
· Maximize results thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of fresh air.
· Improves oxygenation physical and mental.
· faster recovery and more efficient training.
Power the antioxidant mechanisms of the body during physical exercise.
· Coadjuvant treatment in physical and sports rehabilitation.
Applications: changing rooms, cardio rooms, bodybuilding, spinning, group activities, massages, recovery and physiotherapy, etc.



Bring your guests closer to pure living

Zonair3DTM transforms spaces into pure atmospheres creating exclusive surroundingsan oasis of purity and well-being. It brings added value to your products and services It converts your space into a lung for your city.
Differentiate yourself by providing your business with great and unique added value.
Increases the natural satisfaction of customers and employees, maximizing results.
Turn your establishment into a place of health and well-being, free of polluting particles and gases, thanks to the benefits of pure air from Zonair3DTM.
· Higher level of customer satisfaction for their comfort.
· Reduces odor problems..
· Improve rest and relaxation.
· Better oxygenation physical and mental.
· Regenerates the respiratory tract being able to avoid respiratory crises thanks to this space free of bacteriological and allergenic agents (for example dust mites).
Applications: hotels (rooms, leisure areas, living rooms and common areas), restaurants, shopping centers, retail, cinemas, nightclubs, passenger terminals, VIP areas, shopping areas, etc.

Pure air in every pore of your skin

With Zonair3DTMfeeling good is synonymous with breathing. Clean air fills your body and you feel good with that purity. Close your eyes and relax while breathing in the pleasure of wellness. Look after yourself inside and out.
Beauty treatments in a space of pure air:
Increased skin hydration and penetration of the treatments
Natural anti-aging treatment
Revitalizes the natural mechanism of elimination of toxins and dead cells
It revents clogging of pores, dehydration, irritationand deterioration of the skin
It revents clogging of pores, loss test of elasticity and its premature aging

Applications: spas, massages, tattoo studios, beauty centers, cabins for facial treatments, relaxation, etc.



Breathe pure air in motion

Pure air inside passenger vehicles, goods or animals. A solution for each means of transport. 
Air Move has been designed to prevent occupational diseases related to the inhalation of pollutants, VOCs, particles and other pathogens.
Located inside the passenger compartment, it allows you to enjoy pure air in continuous recirculation in seconds, with multiple installation possibilities. 
Applications: cars, taxis, vans, ambulances, trucks, toll booths, police and fire cars, etc.

Maximum air quality for areas with electronic equipment.

It offers the highest air quality for areas with electronic equipment and control and instrumentation rooms, to achieve a positive effect as much in electronic equipment as well as in employees.
Chemical effects from dust deposited on circuit boards or electrical effects including impedance changes and bridging of conductive circuits shorten the life of equipment and materials.
⦁ El aire puro elimina los contaminantes que emiten los agentes de la sala
Limita las reacciones entre contaminantes interiores, reduciendo la tasa de fallos y el nivel de suciedad y corrosión.
Applications: salas con equipamiento electrónico, control o instrumentación de microprocesadores.




At Zonair3D,TM nos preocupamos por ti y por tu familia. Por eso hemos desarrollado una amplia gama de productos que garantizan un ambiente libre de contaminación y sustancias tóxicas, un ambiente sano y seguro; porque no hay nada más valioso que la salud de los que más quieres.
· Descansará más y mejor.
· Recuperación física más rápida y eficaz.                          
· Respirando aire puro durante un determinado número de horas, disminuye the riesgo de sufrir enfermedades respiratorias y cardiovasculares.
Applications: salón, dormitorios, cocina, sala de estar o de estudio, etc.

Mejore la salud y el rendimiento de su animal.

Zonair3DTM  ofrece distintas soluciones in the sector animal. Desde tratamiento de aire para quirófanos veterinarios hasta soluciones de aire puro para cuadras e incluso vans de transporte para animales de competición. Toda una gama de productos en el sector animal, para el ámbito profesional y el de competición.
· Mejora el proceso de recuperación.
· Mejora the rendimiento.
· Evita clogging of pores, transmisión test of enfermedades respiratorias por vía aérea.
· Reduce la inflamación del tracto superior de las vías respiratorias, mejora la obstrucción bronquial y la rinitis.
· Mejora claramente la sintomatología disneica y las palpitaciones.
Applications: caballerizas, establos, boxes, quirófanos, etc.



¡Peligro!... respira libre

En los aparcamientos, peajes y zonas donde existe un tráfico constante, se acumula una elevada cantidad de gases y partículas procedentes de la combustión de los vehículos a motor ya sea por una ventilación inadecuada o por fuentes de contaminación existentes (tabaco, insecticidas, pinturas, concentraciones de gases orgánicos, productos de limpieza, mobiliario, fuentes de calor…). 
Para proteger la salud de quienes pasan tiempo en estos lugares, Zonair3DTM  cuenta con una solución específica y eficaz para estos casos, reduciendo o eliminando los gases contaminantes.
Applications: parkings, peajes, imprentas, etc.

Estabilidad medioambiental para las obras de arte.

Los museos y otros ambientes de preservación contienen contaminantes corrosivos y una serie de factores que pueden causar la degradación y destrucción de elementos y colecciones de valor histórico. Entre esos factores, temperatura, humedad, partículas y contaminantes gaseosos son las principales causas de la degradación. Las directrices para evitar que estas obras se degraden piden que las concentraciones interiores de contaminantes se mantengan lo más bajas posible. Para ello, la filtración de gases y partículas es de gran ayuda.
· El aire puro proporciona estabilidad medioambiental.
· Mejora la conservación de las obras de arte y reduce su mantenimiento.
· Reduce la concentración de TCOVs a niveles de confort.
· Reduce microbios, polvo, bacterias, insectos y microorganismos.
· Una mejor calidad del aire mejora la productividad de los trabajadores y ofrece un ambiente más agradable para las visitas.
Applications: salas de exposición, tienda, restaurantes, etc.


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