Innovative air purification systems that make pure air at your disposal inside buildings. 

Takes care of people’s health at home, at work, in the gym, in the spa, at school, or in public or private transport. In any interior, where we spend more than the 80% of our time according to WHO.

Maximal quality and efficiency in compact and unique air purifiers. Maximal gas and particle elimination, with the exclusive system of virucidal nanofibres implemented in the absolute filter that inactivates viruses.

Spaces free of ambient ozone, with reduction of toxic gases, irritants and carcinogenic to comfort levels. 

They purify the air of any space without being seen. Wide range of flows, to meet the needs of any space with minimal consumption, be it new construction or renovation. Maximum durability and quality guarantee. Optimal results in the elimination of particles and gases in its different applications (requires installation).

This system has been designed to meet the air ventilation and purification needs of all sorts of installations, ranging from private homes to the tertiary sector.

They have pressure probes and pressure controllers to control the filter status and allow connection to the Zonair3D™ indoor air quality probe to monitor air quality and control equipment. It covers a wide range of flow rates, from 100 m3/h to 3000 m3/h.


The first portable space in which is possible to breathe 99.995% pure air in continuous regeneration -free of contaminating particles and bacteriological and allergenic agents- with gas pollutant reduction to comfort levels.

It is ISO 5-certified, making it a white and treatment room for patients with MCS, for example.

Breathing pure air is essential to the correct respiratory system operation, is a significant factor in anti-aging treatments, favors respiratory tract regeneration after physical exercise, and is also a necessary element within our lives.

Pure air inside passenger, goods or animal transport vehicles.

Air Move has been designed to prevent diseases related to: the inhalation of pollutants, VOCs, particles and other pathogens.

Ideal el uso profesional, en turismos, furgonetas, camiones y maquinaria. Ubicado en el interior del habitáculo, permite disfrutar de aire puro en continua recirulación en segundos, con múltiples posibilidades de instalación.

It has a 12V DC power supply with a plug-in connector.

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