The Importance of Breathing Clean Air and Its Benefits

WHO has been warning about air quality and adverse health effects for many years.

In air conditioning, the distribution of cleaner air is of vital importance, not only in aseptic spaces such as clinics and laboratories, but also in offices, residences for the elderly, shopping centres, waiting rooms, cinemas, homes, gyms, etc.

This concern, today more than ever, is the product of epidemics, allergies, an increase in viral diseases, etc., which have developed more rapidly today.

Added to this situation is the risk of CORONAVIRUS and the consequences it can have.

This poses a new threat to us, but also a challenge in the search for preventive measures that help protect the health of our loved ones.

Therefore, preventive treatment can reduce, To some extent, the development of any of the above conditions and contribute to better well-being and quality of life.

ZONAIR3D ™ is a specialist in indoor air quality, we know the special care that people require.

At ZONAIR3D ™, we have created the widest range of solutions to reach all spaces, achieving the best air quality.

Since 2007, ZONAIR3D ™ has developed purification products following all international standards. From ZONAIR3D ™ Bubble Pure Air to mobile systems, centralized systems and vehicle applications.

 Our exclusive filtration system, unique in the market, includes a stage with ULPA filters that eliminates 99.9995% of particles (even the smallest of 0.1 micrometers) and another with a gas filter (which reduces gaseous pollutants to levels recommended by WHO).

In other words, we can affirm that the ULPA filter retains a wide range of viruses, specifically, the coronavirus, and also includes other smaller ones that are attached to larger particles.


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