Blauceldona: A pure blue sky in the city of Barcelona

March 27, 2017. For about a month, Blauceldona, the beauty centre located on Calle Provenza, 163 bis, in Barcelona, ​​has the advanced technology of pure air "Pure Airbox" from Zonair3D. This technology provides a 99.995% particle free space and a reduction of polluting gases to comfort levels.

Blauceldona, located in the well-known Eixample of Barcelona, ​​offers facial treatments and experiences of relaxation and well-being, from the hand of great professionals. And, from now on, it has a clean air room where all kinds of facial and body treatments are applied, thanks to the technology of Zonair3D, which helps to maximize the effects of the treatments and provide a unique and total relaxation experience".

Silvia Oliete, director of the Blauceldona, expresses that "despite the little time with which it has Pure Airbox test of Zonair3D, all have been benefits since its acquisition", and affirms that “the skin is much more receptive, since there are no polluting particles in the room and, as our skin has pure air, it is calmer when receiving the treatment". The result: a more beautiful, luminous and radiant skin. Something that the professionals of the centre also confirm, delighted with the results, as a result of this new and exclusive service that Blauceldona offers from now to all its customers.

Blauceldona invites us to enter, relax and let ourselves be cared for in an environment of complete purity and well-being.


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